'There are currently two Heritage Volunteering Projects:

1. Library Conservation: Volunteers have begun work on the conservation of the library at Sidbury Manor. Books, many of them two hundred years old, are cleaned, repaired and recorded on a database. This is a project which is likely to go on for several years.

2. Parks and Gardens:The latest project is one that is relatively new to NADFAS volunteers - Parks and Gardens. A group of volunteers are recording the parks and open spaces of Sidmouth for the UK Parks and Gardens database.We started with the gardens at The Knowle and Tony Dustan-Smith's stunning photographs can be seen on the UK Parks and Gardens website, along with Peter Whitfield's research into the history of the gardens.

SIDDFAS are the first organisation to complete one of these new NADFAS projects, and Parks and Gardens want to use this as a model for such projects. Click here to see the relevant page of the Parks and Gardens site.

We are hoping soon to start work on recording Blackmore Gardens for the P&G site on line, but need more volunteers for our team. 

Tony Dustan-Smith is standing down as coordinator, but will stay in the team as our photographer. We need someone to replace him, and also at least one other volunteer with good knowledge of plants, shrubs, trees etc. who can describe in detail what is growing there. 

Blackmore Gardens does not yet have even a mention on the Parks & Gardens website. It is a beautiful and popular garden and well worth documenting. 

This is an interesting and achievable project. We can take as long as we like doing it, and it is a very pleasant way to spend some time … 

So please, any keen gardeners who can help, do contact Jill Glazier, SIDDFAS Outreach Coordinator, on 01395 597799 or email

Completed Projects:

1. An Illustrated Record of Cadhay House, near Exeter.

Our volunteers have cleaned, numbered, conserved and recorded a social commentary on a previously unknown collection of articles and costumes belonging to five consecutive generations of the owner’s family.

2. Conservation of the Herbert Read Papers at the Devon Record Office.